As the heat of the Wedding Season is on full flow ,ask people around about their views on Indian / Punjabi weddings and their crazy experiences. The responses were hilarious !

On the off chance that you can appreciate Facebook without running over any fabulous wedding photo then here, take a great salute from my side!
From selfies with the lady’s cousin to pictures conveying man of the hour’s pooch, you can see it all, equitable by signing on to your Facebook account. Individuals have a wide range of data to share and you are certain to think these two things, ‘Individuals are getting hitched and I am not notwithstanding dating’ and ‘How the damnation would someone be able to wear a dress so substantial and not fall?’
The Teen Trolls have accompanied one such video where they catch every one of the musings individuals have in, on and amid a wedding. Max level genuine hai, look at it!