This song by Suneeta Rao is every bit melodious and takes you back in time to your childhood. Every bit of that song was beautiful and soul-stirring.

Na na mujhe chhoona na door hi rehna
Paree hoon main, Paree hoon main, mujhe na chuna
Paree hoon main
And despite the fact that we recently discovered the song was about child abuse, we still love it. But not as much as The Gaana Bajana Studio who decided to make this a capella version of it with dance music.
When four amazing singers met to create musical representation of their journey and friendship, Pari song which released way back in the 90’s became the apt choice. This piece of beautiful music and lyrics according to Antara, Mauli , Meenal and Prajakta represents the freedom, the beauty and the positivity of a women.