Having a child and raising them is hard. But being a single parent raising a child is harder. Day to day life changes drastically in the absence of your partner, and you have to play the roles of both parents, so that the child doesn’t feel their absence.

French artist Yannick VicenteYannick Vicente is a single father and he understands the struggles all too well. His illustrations feature him and his 4-year-old daughter Anaé in daily activities and it resonates with many people across the world.

Here are some of his touching illustrations.

1. When kids ask you existential questions.


2. When it’s your kids who motivate you.


3. When your kids are the ones grounding you.


4. When kids are the personification of unconditional love.


5. When everything is alright by bedtime.


People on social media are lauding Vicente for his simple yet touching illustrations and he has rung a chord with them.

Because there’s nothing like parenthood.

Images and cover image source: Yannick Vicente