Film censorship is necessary because a film motivates thought and action and assures a high degree of attention and retention as compared to the printed word. Be that as it may, to get the sought endorsement in India is not a simple assignment. At whatever point the executive goes to the edit board for film confirmation he/she needs to awe and persuade the advisory group! However, what happens when it’s a porno which is brimming with oppressive words?

TVF Qtiyapa has meet up with famous Indian producers for a video demonstrating the accurate story of how every film in India needs to go to Focal Leading body of Film Affirmation (CBFC) for its confirmation.

Watch what happened when producer Kanu Behl went to movie producers Mahesh Bhatt, Sudhir Mishra, Ajay Bahl and others for the pre-control for his forthcoming motion picture ‘Titli’!