It is said in the Vishnu Purana that the tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu – Kalki – will be born at the end of Kalyuga (called the Mahayuga) and it will be on the banks of the river Ganga. Once the end of Kalyug or Kali Yuga happens, the 10th avatar of Vishnu will end all and bring back the Satya Yug – the era of truth, peace and harmony.

The fact that the beautiful city of Varanasi lies on the banks of Ganga and many people believe it is almost the end of Kalyug only adds to the mystery that Kalki might already be present among us and who knows, maybe in Varanasi. This video by KALKI shows the true and ‘high’ est form of the city Varanasi, in the most psychedelic way possible.

Get ready for a BIG trip.