We just discovered this trailer of a motion picture called “Mantra” and it looks phenomenal, regardless. The film stars Kalki Koechlin, Lushin Dubey, Adil Hussain, Rajat Kapoor and Shiv Pandit in significant parts. The trailer doesn’t uncover much however from the looks of it, the film is around a man who’s experiencing battles in his expert life while whatever remains of his broken family consumes in their very own emergency. On the off chance that the film is anything like this arresting trailer, it’s certainly going to be one riveting watch. Discharge it as of now, please!

In 1991, the Government of India opened up the economy and unleashed the forces of globalization, forever changing the landscape of the country. A dozen years later, India was celebrating its emergence as a global economic super power. Set in 2004, in the midst of a nationwide ‘India Shining’ campaign, the film Mantra tells the intimate story of a family and its travails, and through it, the story of the New India.

The protagonist of the film is Kapil Kapoor, the founder of an iconic Indian snack brand in the ‘License Raj’ old India. But today – in 2004 – he is fighting a losing battle against a multinational that has taken over the market. But it is not just his company that Kapil is desperately trying to save; it is also his own wife and children who are battling their own crises.
But for Kapil to hold on to everything that is dear to him – professionally and personally – he must confront himself; what he will save, and what he will lose, depends on the extent he is willing to face his own demons. Mantra is a film that is deeply personal, set against the landscape of a sprawling, changing, India.