Remember this gregarious little fox? She’s called Juniper, and we’ve written about her before! Some time ago, the bushy-tailed Miss Positivity got herself a new friend — an Australian Shepherd dog called Moose. Ever since, this duo’s antics never fail to bring smiles to the face of any onlooker who sees them!

Getzkick couldn’t resist the temptation to share some of the terrific photos from Juniper’s Instagram with you. Every single one of them is quite simply loaded with joy, vivacity and kindness.

The famous duo, in person!

Poking fun at each other…

…and making amends…

…to avoid a smack on the nose!

Together everywhere

be it a grand day out…

…or a relaxing stay at home

They never miss their favorite programs on TV

And whenever one of them decides to fool around…

…the other is happy to join in!

They never let each other down

And never forget to show affection!

May all of us find such joy in friendship!

Photo source: juniperfoxx