2017 began on an unpleasant note for a few ladies in Bangalore. The city was left in a condition of stun as ladies were mass-attacked in the city in the midst of several spectators.

This episode brought up a ton of issues and there were huge challenges the following day. That is the issue. Rather than acting immediately, we sit tight for the tide to pass and join the challenges.

Valor is not an excellence of the masses. Just a couple have the guts to remain for a cause and battle these beasts. Unfortunately, there weren’t sufficient who attempted. Indeed, even the police constrain wasn’t sufficient to control these devils.

While we continue contending on what could’ve been done, there are some who made the best utilization of the Mannequin Test to send an intense message over.

The video titled #DontBeAMannequin demonstrates the most hard-hitting depiction of the whole test and has a splendid message toward the end.

What this video demonstrates that there is dependably an innovative approach to spread a message that really matters. A message that ought to have any kind of effect in everybody’s life. A message that ought to compel no less than a couple to consider the results.

All things considered, groups of onlookers respond just when the message is advanced in a dialect that they get it. Against all the inconsequential wedding recordings, this mannequin challenge absolutely emerges.

Credit to the group for putting this up.

#DontBeAMannequin from Mithun Cotha on Vimeo.

#DontBeAMannequin from Mithun Cotha on Vimeo.