Sometimes, all it takes for a melting pot to turn into a blazing furnace is a mere spark.Especially in a country like ours, where multiple faiths co-exist and cross paths every day.This is the day in the life of India, where two dominant forces face-off in a battle of who-blinks-first.And only one faith will triumph.

Made for Independence Day, Karan Shetty’s One Faith takes a harder, closer look at all that divides us. And unites.,

Very nearly seven decades back, when the tricolor was lifted on the eve of August fifteenth, the Indian individuals stood tall and pleased, at long last free from the burden of their English oppressors.

In any case, have we done our establishing fathers glad? That is to say, consider it! There’s a great deal of strife in our nation and our general public appears to be isolated. In the India of today, it’s anything but difficult to make generalizations and opening individuals into this gathering or that. It’s just about as though we are living by the adage “In case you’re not with us, you’re against us.” But rather our era, for one, isn’t going to give in. We will change the present state of affairs!

And this amazing video by United Colors of Benetton is definitely a step in the right direction. It takes partiality, stereotyping and despise, places them into a rocket and impacts them into space. Look at it!

Source:Terribly Tiny Talkies,