Watch the original short film ‘The Guest’ by Ayappa K.M. It is about a young man who unknowingly ends up in a strange place.
It impressed the jury and became the winning film under the karge short films category at the Mumbai Film Festival.

Life is brimming with vulnerabilities. A minute you are with your friends and family and in another, your heart is hurting for the love so far from you. Anything can happen anyplace and everything you can do is promise for goodness in some side of the world.

This short film, ‘The Guest’ uploaded by LargeShortFilms, which won at the Mumbai Film festival, is about some of this decency and conditional haziness in the greater part of our souls. The way we get nice sentiments in our souls and secure them up that haziness, overlook that they exist. The visitor in our souls (the sentiments) should be safeguarded, not overlooked.