Harry Potter fans are many. Some claim to be one by getting its tattoos or some of them claim to read the book a million times. But, some of the Potterheads take their love for this magical world by incorporating it into their wedding! And this couple is one of them.

Meet Jared Grunwald who is a huge Harry Potter fan. His fiance, Michele Mathews is also one! The couple didn’t let that aspect affect their engagement photo shoot and included copious amounts of Harry Potter’s magical world.

Kevin Cucci is the talented photographer behind this amazing photoshoot and he has done a commendable job!

1. Always?


2. Oh! This beautiful wand shot.


3. Spot the engagement ring in Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.


4. Kissing with THE butterbeer in hands? WOW!


5. This kiss on platform 9 3/4 is the best photo ever.


6. Aww!


7. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


8. So adorable!


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Hope they have a Harry Potter themed wedding too! ?

Source: Kevin Cucci