Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Beam, Sourav Ganguly, Ritwik Ghatak, Rossogullah, Sondesh, luchi alur dom, rich writing, move, verse… you may have speculated at this point I am alluding to Bengalis and their rich society. What’s more, the rundown is perpetual. Period.

Disregarding having such rich society and such massive commitment in the field of expressions, the one question that waits on is – ‘Why is West Bengal called West Bengal?’ The name is a leftover of the provincial past and was authored when Ruler Curzon partitioned Bengal into 2 sections viz. East Bengal and West Bengal. So is it reasonable on the off chance that we call the state as West Bengal even today? The name that mirrors the dim past?

In this video by The Bong Guide to The Galaxy, these folks will express the reasons why the state needs an adjustment in its name. Do you concur with them?

Petition link: Here

The name West Bengal is a remnant of our colonial past. West Bengal got it’s name when Lord Curzon divided the erstwhile province of Bengal to East Bengal and West Bengal in 1905 based on religion.

It has been 110 years since then. The region was reunified and partitioned again during Indian independence, heck East Bengal became East Pakistan and then went on to become independent Bangladesh yet the name ‘West Bengal has stuck for whatever reason.

You may ask, what’s in a name?

Well, the name reminds numerous families of the dark past where their ancestors were directly and indirectly affected during the partition in 1905 and 1947.

Secondly, being in the eastern part of India, the name West Bengal doesn’t make much sense. Geographically speaking.

So let’s petition to make a welcome change to the map that is India.