The current world has slipped into a void which is described by our expanded bondage to innovation and a wild numbness towards mankind, the planet, and life when all is said in done. The incongruity that exists in life as of now is blatant to the point, that it has turned out to be hard to venture back and take everything in immediately.

In any case, Mexico City-based Italian independent craftsman Marco Melgrati has done what no one but specialists can – pictured the world into his own particular point of view and put it down as workmanship, and it puts out the message unmistakably: “We’re our own particular destroyers.”

Here are some of his best works.

1. Love your enemies

2. Through love

3. The death of privacy

4. Could be love

5. It’s time to quit your job

6. Self made

7. Opinion leader and influencers

8. Learn to forget

9. Pay attention!!

10. Deforestation: The human costs

11. War is closer than you think

12. Industry boss

13. A fatal addiction: War in the name of God

14. From communism to capitalism

15. Face your fear</h2.

16. Use it better

17. Untitled

18. You don’t need a miracle to change your job

These illustrations do the work of showing us a mirror, and they should not be taken as mere art.

Because there’s always more to it than what meets the eye!

All images source: Marco Melgrati (Facebook| Instagram | Portfolio | Altpick | Behance)