To be closer to God, one does not have to travel too far, or resort to extremities. To be closer to God, sometimes, means to show up, or to be there for those who need you, for the sense of purpose that your effort and fate has helped you find. It means to make yourself count, and to pay the goodness forward, even if it means making some solid sacrifices. And what better way to see sense in this selfless devotion to the greater good, than during the month of Ramazan.

Which is what this advertisement, by Kwality Wall’s ice cream, is trying to relay. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is portraying it whilst exploring a son’s relationship with his absentee father, during the festive season.

This Father’s Day, cut your dad some slack. Also, try and understand where he is coming from. And in case you love him, try celebrating him every day.


Wall's 'Sorry Abbu' from Electric Dreams on Vimeo.