What makes division? The way that you surmise that the other individual is not the same as you somehow makes you trust that there is a requirement for bifurcation. The method for division can run from religion to distinction in feeling, yet is all that bother truly justified, despite all the trouble?

India and Pakistan turned into two different nations on fourteenth August, 68 years back. From that point forward, we have been informed that they are not care for us. In any case, is it truly genuine? Individuals are enduring in both the nations and on the off chance that you think profoundly, there is one regular string that ties every one of us together.
Indian Sea vocalist Rahul Ram, has the answer in a type of an excellent tune called, ‘Negligible Saamnewali Sarhad Pe’. The verses are surrendered by stand craftsman & lyricist Varun Grover & humorist Sanjay Rajoura in Aisi Taisi Popular government. This feature by Being Indian lets us know how both these nations face everything comparable, from misuse to festivity. At that point how are we any distinctive?