This 80 year elderly is a crusader with a cause, he is campaigning against Tobacco, and all those harmful things including smoking, Gutka, Pan Parag etc. That’s not such a great thing, but what i am about to say now is …. He has been on foot crisscrossing India 21 times and this is his 22nd journey. He has walked 5,60,000 kms so far…Doesn’t Complain, doesn’t ask for any help. He just walks .. wait are you reminded of Tom Hanks in Forest gump.. you can say that except that he is no celebrity for the press.

He was in Hyderabad for Ganesh Visarjan and there was this small group that was onlookers at a man as if he was a strange object in the museum.. we joined them and after a while we got involved with his cause. This is our Conversation with Mr. Bagicha Singh, who is definitely an unnoticed hero of our nation.
Today, if a companion comes to you and says that he/she needs to commit their whole life in supporting their nation, you’ll give them a rude awakening. ‘This nation is damned’ or ‘You accomplishing something won’t roll out any improvement’ will be the opening lines. The enthusiasm our opportunity warriors used to have which made them give their lives for the nation has all of a sudden disappeared. Be that as it may, there is dependably a special case, which sets an illustration to rouse others.
81-year-old Bagicha Singh has been strolling following recent years (Feb 1993), confounding the nation more than 22 times. He is crusading against Tobacco, and every one of those unsafe things including smoking, Gutka, Container Parag and so forth. As such, he has secured 5,70,000 kilometers, and will keep on doing as such until he has the quality to help his nation.
In the event that you are pondering Forrest Gump, let me let you know that Bagicha Singh has been strolling subsequent to even before the motion picture turned out. He is the Indian Forrest Gump, and I couldn’t be prouder in letting you know his story. Watch this video by Ideosphere Talkies.