Although the media today has no limits when when it comes to tackling everyday subjects, there is a certain veil of darkness over the subject of domestic abuse. The statistics show that 1 in 3 of women worldwide experience violence in their intimate relationships during their lifetime, and that is something that can’t be overlooked. But somehow- we don’t have the opportunity to read and talk about it as much as we should.

It’s in a way a taboo, given that the victims of these circumstances very often have to go through scrutiny in order to speak out for themselves.

Women are overwhelmingly more targeted to forms of violence, and tend to experience more severe consequences. Voicing traumas is not easy at all, one has to take in mind all the struggles a woman goes through when doing it. More than often they are in a bad economical and social situation, where having their say means leaving the life security, after which they are left with nothing.

Then we have to take in mind how in many cases they have to “prove” what they’ve been through, and face prejudice and public judging. The list can go on and on. As if emotional and psychological challenges women go through in order to overcome everything are not enough!!

Speaking out and leaving these kind of situations behind is very hard. And it’s not something every woman can afford. So every told story is meaningful on countless ways, especially for individuals that can’t cope with it.

#Supersheroes is a wonderful project by the Lithuanian movement Women Speak. It gathered 5 amazing women, who posed for a photo shoot and told their abuse stories. It’s inspiring, to see the beauty of saying your own truth, seeing the strength each of them has and to see it all unfolding in front of our own eyes. The photos are powerful; they speak so much, giving hope to everyone.
Take a look at the photos in the gallery!