Incalculable have been the circumstances when ladies have been informed that pregnancy is the most lovely experience of their lives, with parenthood finishing their resembling nothing ever previously. It’s an unparalleled inclination, a feeling which moves one past anything.

Indeed, we do concur with the aforementioned, in any case, yet, be that as it may, pregnancy accompanies its own particular arrangement of issues which you just acknowledge when it disturbs your day by day schedule, but in the cutest conceivable way. In reality, with every one of the progressions inside your body and the child developing inside, you feel elated, yet somewhat exasperated as well, for the little knock, regardless of how lovable, develops to be somewhat of an obstruction as well.

Also, this is what is portrayed to flawlessness, in these clever toon strips by Line Severinsen, a Norway based artiste. A mother to a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old child, she is soon going to discharge a book titled I’m So Pregnant.