Love can occur in secretive ways…and you have no power over it. You may locate ‘the one’ where you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore – and some of the time predetermination assumes a gigantic part in uniting both of you. This new short film Half Ticket by Ultra Shorts is precisely about that! This film is a fun and energizing trip of two outsiders who happen to be each other’s in addition to ones at a Derby coordinate. It’ll keep you snared to your screens and you’ll cherish all of it. Additionally, we’re certain you folks recollect Naveen Kasturia from our most loved web arrangement Pitchers? He’s assuming the lead part in this short film alongside Gunjan Malhotra. The science these two share is mind boggling! In this way, folks, take out couple of minutes from your day and watch this short film NOW!

Half Ticket is a fun and exciting story revolved around two strangers – Ayaan and Rhea – played by Naveen Kasturia and Gunjan Malhotra who have a roller-coaster of a day. So sit back and buckle up for this joy-ride!