According to recent statistics, about 17% of all marriages in the world began with online dating. Additionally, every third person on the planet at one point in their life met someone on the Internet. Today, more than 60% of people assume online dating to be a positive phenomenon.

We can name several key reasons why an increasing number of contemporaries prefer online dating:

  1. Significant time savings. You can meet more interesting people in less time.
  2. More comfort. Getting acquainted on the Web seems to be a comfortable environment for many users (at home, on a walk, or in transport). This gives people more self-confidence.
  3. Huge range of potential partners. You are not limited by anything: neither distance nor social status can serve as a limitation. You can meet anyone in any way you want.

Of course, online dating also has obvious disadvantages:

  • a large number of Internet scammers;
  • lack of functionality for many, particularly, demanding users;
  • a common stereotype that online dating is the choice of losers.

Otherwise, this format can become a real find for those who, for some reason, cannot or do not want to get acquainted in real life. Today, we have many of them.

What are men and women looking for on dating sites and apps?

Traditionally, the male audience on dating sites is more in number when compared to the ladies. There are exceptions, but on average, there are about 65% of men and 35% of women. Such a tangible difference creates some inconvenience and may complicate the search for a potential soulmate, but this is not that critical.

Another important question to note is — what are men and women looking for in dating services? What is most important to them?

Let’s try to highlight some of the main points!

What is important for men:

  • large female audience;
  • the ability to contact any girl directly;
  • convenience and speed of communication.

What is important for girls:

  • safety and confidentiality;
  • the ability to control who can write to them;
  • detailed and informative profiles.

It is curious that girls are more likely to pay for quality service than men. In this regard, the male audience is less picky and prefers to use free or at least cheap dating sites, despite their obvious shortcomings and disadvantages.

A prime example is the Bumble dating app. Its main feature is that only girls can become the initiators of dating. Men cannot write and even more so call first. The service, you guessed it right, is paid (for access to all functionality). Despite this, the users are very active and large (including females).

Three types of dating platforms and examples of services preferred by men and women

For convenience, we have divided the list into three main categories. This will help you choose the dating platform for yourself or at least get a general idea of modern web dating.

1. International dating sites

Match.com — is a popular dating site with an almost equal ratio of men (49%) and girls (51%). The service existed since 1995 and has a very good reputation. Although, when compared to many newer platforms, it looks a little outdated.

eHarmony — is a dating site where the gender ratio is also almost equal. Ladies will like it more because it uses a complex and exhaustive personality test. Considering that girls take dating more seriously, they will like this approach more.

Elite Singles — is a dating site for educated adults. 56% of the girls on the site are clear evidence that the female audience is more interested in serious and promising dating than the men.

2. Dating apps

In a world where connections are increasingly formed through screens, finding the right platform for romance can be a challenge. People are on the constant lookout for platforms that resonate with their preferences and relationship goals. With a wide array of options, a closer look at the top 10 best online dating apps in 2023 can help you start your search for the perfect match. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or a casual encounter, these applications offer a plethora of options. Some of the most notable include:

Tinder — is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Nevertheless, it is definitely impossible to call it the most effective and universal dating app. Notably, Tinder has earned the title of “one-night stand” service. This dating format is interesting mainly for young guys who are not yet in the mood for a serious relationship. However, girls prefer to look for alternatives, because a “one-time” relationship is not suitable for anyone.

Bumble — is a dating app where girls make the first move. We have already mentioned this service above, but we will repeat it just for clarification. Bumble is a good choice for those girls who want to get rid of obsessive admirers and are ready to take matters into their hands. Of course, not all men like this approach, and not everyone is ready to put up with restrictions. In general, the male audience in Bumble is equally active.

Hinge — is a dating app powered by a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm. It is somewhat popular among male and female audiences, but it takes some time to understand all the intricacies of the work.

3. Video chats

Omegle — is the first video chat in history that has been functioning since 2009. In general, this is a universal platform for everyone, but due to its mediocre moderation and insufficiently convenient settings for searching for interlocutors, there are not so many girls on this platform. This is a common problem with many video chats. However, there are exceptions.

VideoChatOmegle.com — is a popular videochat like Omegle and a rare example of how a good video chat can be. VideochatOmegle.com is especially interesting for men, as it allows you to communicate exclusively with girls. Moreover, all the ladies must go through the stage of verifying their account data. So there are simply no fakes and bots on videochatomegle.com. This is an excellent choice for new acquaintances and building relationships.

Azar — is a video chat app that confidentiality lovers will appreciate. Here you can create and use a unique avatar, communicate tête-à-tête via video, conduct online streams, and gather an audience of viewers. This is a good option regardless of your gender.

Camsurf — is a simple yet convenient Omegle alternative with geographic and language filters. Otherwise, this is the most minimalistic video chat, which is more suitable for finding new friends than love. Although the latter is not excluded.

Well, now let’s sum up

Women and men use very different approaches to online dating. The male audience is more likely to approach dating more casually and not make serious plans for the future. On the other hand, ladies are more thoughtful and prefer to spend more time communicating with a person in order to know them perfectly before the first meeting in real life.

Fortunately, for everyone, the choice of sites and apps for every taste today is simply huge. It will be a difficult task to find a site or app that will meet your needs 100%. The main thing is not to stop searching, just move forward. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, we want you to note something very important. Today in the world, there are more than 8,000 of the most diverse dating services on the Internet. Hundreds of dating sites and apps keep springing up every year. Therefore, if you are unlucky and the search for your soulmate has not yielded results, this is not a good reason to give up and refuse online dating in general. Sometimes, a little tweak in your approach is enough!

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