Tattoo artists and studios are trying to produce as much as profits from lockdown and from the effects of the pandemic. Although the business managed to return back to work after in the nation in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. But the impact of the lockdown and the existence of the pandemic has also made it tough to get any income for tattoo artists and studios.

But, currently with the unlocking session in some parts of the world, the tattoo business is coming up with an amazing comeback. And guess what? people are loving corona themed tattoos on their arms. While some are paying tribute to their doctor wives while some are just removing the year’s frustrations on their wrists. Come one let us witness some of the amazing and unique tattoo arts that are trending world wide. Scroll scroll scroll!


This tattoo definitely signifies how the year 2020 has been going all through, where wearing mask has become one of the mandatory part of the outfit irrespective of places. So, why not a tattoo of 2020 wearing a mask? Isn’t it an amazing idea?


This tattoo shows how a child chooses to play with the toys of doctors in the place of other superheroes. This one signifies how the doctors and other frontline workers have done this tremendous job taking the risks of their own life. However, nothing can beat this tattoo in case you want to pay tribute to the everyday life warriors. What say?


Here presenting another one to appreciate and applaud the contribution off all the doctors and nurses during this pandemic. When the entire world was under the threat of the mighty virus they were the only ones who were ensuring every possible ways to fight with the situation around. This tattoo is an awesome way to pay tribute to all the doctors and nurses who are serving around the globe. Isn’t it?



You can’t definitely miss this unique way to salute the doctors who are fighting for us with the virus.


Just like how the entire world was under the threat of the virus but didn’t lose hope and stood all together to fight back the virus, this super cute tattoo of the world wearing a mask signifies how everyone of us had been praying all night long for the world to get well soon.


A man wanted to give his wife, who is a nurse, a surprise with this tattoo which reveals how she has rendered for all the sacrifice and commitment towards her job and still have been doing because the world is yet to recover completely.


During this pandemic most of the people have got the real taste of living all alone. There were some conditions when people couldn’t being able to reach out to their family living in other states or cities and were isolated all alone. This gave them high doses of frustration and depression. And this tattoo indicates how we strive to live with the loved ones around us. Staying alone can be adventurous for some period of time but when it comes for longer time family and friends can make us happier. What do you think?


This exclusive tattoo is all about spreading quarantine love.


Who else want 2020 to end up sooner? Although the year has already given us many more reasons to hate but for the time being you can go and gift yourself with this amazing tattoo and get off from all the frustrations.


Lets make the year 2020 a memory and keep washing hands and pray as much as we can. In the mean time you can try out this super unique tattoo to make the year rather the learning that we got from this year permanent in your life.