Playing Priya is an urban fantasy thriller. An everyday story of a woman, home alone and what happens next.Your home is not the safest place!

Sunidhi Chauhan is certainly one of the best vocalists in Bollywood has ever heard and her live demonstrations are absolutely electric. With her expressive voice and supreme appeal in her music recordings, one really wanted to envision how she would look as a performing artist! All things considered, the suspicion is over on the grounds that Sunidhi has at long last made her acting presentation with a short thriller.
Watch this glittering short film featuring Sunidhi Chauhan and when you achieve the startling turn in the plot, you’d understand this is exactly what you had anticipated from Sunidhi Chauhan! Transferred by humaramovie, the motion picture titled, Playing Priya, is a directorial virtuoso by Arif Ali.