Darr (1993) was the cult film back in the 90s, which made everyone sit up and take notice of Shah Rukh Khan. Now, over two decades later, Y-films have come up with a mini-series on the same subject. But, this time around, it’s online. Darr 2.0 is about a guy who’s obsessed with a girl called Kiran Puri, and constantly stalks her on Facebook. The teaser, which came out earlier today, looks promising, to say the least.

After four hit shows, Y-Films goes bigger, darker and edgier with a reboot of the cult YRF thriller, Darr, in a contemporary avatar as a five part mini-series, Darr 2.0.

Darr 2.0 will feature the characters of Rahul, Kiran and Sunil from the original but in an entirely new milieu, weaved in a modern, original tale of obsession and fear in the age of cyber stalking and digital crimes. The series holds a mirror to the perilous environment of online privacy invasion and social media harassment that can take a dangerous and disturbing turn, if unchecked.

To demonstrate the risks of voluntarily releasing too much information on the internet, Y-Films asked its fans, followers & subscribers to send across their happy pictures and moments for its next promo but did not reveal any further information. Hundreds of personal and intimate pictures poured in, and some of those pictures are showcased in the first part of the teaser, the second part of which features an unidentified young man discreetly saving them on his computer. Giving the fans a virtual first hand experience of the safety risk they undertake each time they share their information online. Thus putting the fans at the center of the Darr 2.0 theme that has the tagline: “You have one new follower.”

The cast is yet to be announced but very exciting plans are in the pipeline. The five-part series will be out soon on the Y-Films channel. Watch and, of course, share… but at your own risk!

Video Source:Yfilms