Now this came as a bit of a surprise! Sonakshi Sinha is playing the role of a happy-go-lucky girl in her next film. Her character Noor (which is also the name of the movie) is impulsive, impatient and confused, but she is also a dreamer. She is like any one of us who gets up in the morning, looks into the mirror and makes weird faces. And guess what? Noor is a social media addict too! Posting pictures about everything that happens to her during the day is like a mandatory task for her. We think some way or the other, we all are a little bit like Noor. She is one of us after all! We absolutely love Sonakshi Sinha in this new avatar and can’t wait to watch the film!

P.S. – Sonakshi released this flash video on her birthday so YAY! Double celebration guys! Also, a very Happy Birthday, Sonaaa! :*