Boney Kapoor married Sridevi

Urmila Matondkar got hitched to her Kashmiri boyfriend Mir Mohsin Akhtar, the actress was 42-years-old when she decided to tie the knot

Preity Zinta married her long-time American partner Gene Goodenough at a private ceremony in Los Angeles in 2016 and she was 41-years-old at that time

Sanjay Dutt married Manyata in 2008. She was 19 years his junior

John Abraham married Priya Ruchal John was 42-years-old when he finally decided to settle down in a secret ceremony.

Kabir Bedi, got married for the third time to his partner Parveen Dusanj. He was 70-years-old when he got married

Lisa Ray got married to beau Jason Dehni in Napa Valley, California, on October 20, 2012. The former model was 40-year-old when she tied the knot

At the age 40, Farah Khan married Shirish Kunder and the two have triplets

Diego Maradona got engaged to her and held a party at a posh hotel in Rome to celebrate. The couple are yet to decide their date of marriage. He was 54-years-old when he got engaged to Olivia

Pelé bumped into Marcia Aoki whom he had met in the 1980s in New York when she was married to her first husband. Aoki was then reportedly 41-years-old, making her 32 years Pelé’s junior

Suhasini Mulay broke the age-old steriotypes by getting married to a man she found and fell in love with by using the internet.

Milind soman married her Long time Girlfriend ankita at the age of 52 while she was only 27