Popular singer Sona Mahapatra is Freak out has spark outage in Odisha after threatening to go “full Naked” in response to criticism for allegedly distorting a devotional song written by 17th-century saint-poet Bhakta Salabega.

she gave hit back to the Trolls

The issue also took political colours with the opposition Congress taking potshots at chief minister Naveen Patnaik’s alleged “mispronunciation” of Odia words, the same charge against Mohapatra in her rendition of ‘Aahe Nila Shaila’, a bhajan in praise of Lord Vishnu.
the poet’s name, in the four-and-a-half-minute song and has also offended Odia sensibilities by “killing the very soul” of the devotional ditty with her “rather coarse” rendition. Some have also found fault with her attire, saying it was completely inappropriate for the religious song.

“Dear losers who are yet burning up about my foreign accent & mispronunciation of some words in an earnest enough rendition of Nila Saila, please do note that YOUR Odiya ‘accent’ while talking or singing English & Hindi, let alone your grammar & spelling skills could offend many (sic),” Mohapatra tweeted.

Chandi is a reference to Hindu goddess Kali, who is often depicted naked and is known for her anger.

she shared a series of tweets

Mohapatra, 42, has around 1.5 lakh followers on Twitter and constantly engages with her followers.