Our habits are what shape us — our physical and emotional state, our behavior, and even our life itself. And among them are sometimes routines that should be avoided at all costs.


1. The habit of pitying yourself

All bad habits start with never-ending pity for your own miserable self and mourning your unlucky fate. Your figure, income, education, apartment, the weather, even the tiniest inconvenience can become a cause for feeling upset and suffering over nothing.

In the meantime, those who develop the habit of pitying themselves lose the sympathy of people around them. You can express your compassion towards people like this indefinitely, but they should also do something to help themselves, after all. Nobody ever expects anything from him or her because all he or she does is whine, and no one wants to be around people like this. As a result, they often have menial jobs and a miserable existence; often they have averted all possible interesting contacts from themselves, which is the best way to lose opportunities.

2. The habit of scrimping

If at a supermarket you seek the ’sale’ sign first; if you think your colleagues are paid better than you are, even though they don’t work as hard; if you never, ever, lend money to anyone; if you don’t leave tips; if you think you can’t afford a child with your wages … then this is a bad habit.

Analysts say that a desire to save at every turn instead demonstrates your lack of balance between income and expenses rather than your thriftiness. A financially sound person is always ready to pay the real price of things, and for others’ work, too, expecting the same from the rest.

3. The habit of evaluating everything in terms of money

Only poor people think that happiness can be achieved by having a seven-digit sum in their bank account; that you can’t really enjoy life if you don’t wear fancy clothes, live in a mansion, or drive an expensive car. Social studies show that only people with low income name material values when asked the question, ’What do you need to be happy?’

Financially sound people name true love and friendship. Moreover, they do not refer to wealth as the amount of money you get — instead, it’s your ability to attract it, to establish new business where literally nothing but an opportunity had been before you came. A truly successful person is not dependent on his or her sack of gold.

4. The habit of panicking when you have no money left

If you have shivers at just the thought of being fired, that might be your eternally poor inner-self talking. Successful people do not consider wealth a constant; sometimes you have it, sometimes you don’t. And so on.

5. The habit of spending more than you earn

If you constantly work overtime but still don’t have enough funds for your life, it’s time to change your living pattern! If you don’t understand the difference between the loans you take, you’ll most definitely never get rich.

6. The habit of doing what you don’t like

Who, if not me? Psychologists say that people who don’t feel like they belong in their jobs are potentially destined for unhappiness and poverty. The reason for this is their feelings that make them do what they don’t want and don’t like to do. To get rid of this habit for good, you should invest your strength and energy into something satisfying, not what someone else needs. This is the only way to achieve excellent results.

7. The habit of staying away from your relatives

Most successful people love and cherish their family the most. And that’s obvious, because it’s the only place where you can find solace and support when everything comes crashing down around you.
Adapted from: ocheninteresno
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