One of the legendary movie stars of the 20th century, Audrey Hepburn, is also an undisputed fashion and style icon. To this day, her incredibly feminine image captivates viewers around the world. It may be hard to believe, but the actress herself always described her looks as ordinary.


1. Drink lots of water

According to her friends and colleagues, Hepburn always recommended drinking lots of water as a way to keep one’s body in shape. Perhaps, this used to be the main secret of her great looks: drinking large amounts of water and eating fruit and vegetables.

2. Cleanse your body regularly

Once every month, Audrey used to have a detox day, sticking to nothing but fruit, vegetables, dairy products and water. Such cleanings helped the actress restore her biorhythms after exhausting trips to different parts of the world. Frequent timezone changes used to push her to the brink of exhaustion, so she needed short but effective restoration periods.

3. Make potatoes your staple food

Since Miss Hepburn was of Irish/Dutch origins, she regarded potatoes as an irreplaceable part of an everyday diet.

4. Make regular outings into the fresh air

When asked about her routine for keeping fit and beautiful, Audrey always replied: ’Walking! I do lots of fresh-air walking, letting my body absorb as much oxygen as it needs. That’s all there is to it!’

5. Maintain good posture

Hepburn’s career began in ballet. A ballet dancer must practice every day, both on and off the stage. Because of this, dancing became her second nature. This goes to prove that you should keep your back straight at all times!

6. Use natural makeup

Audrey chose minimalism, sophistication and classicism as the cornerstones of her image.

7. Take pleasure in every passing day

Audrey had such an optimistic outlook on life, she sometimes she resembled a naive, young girl. Even things like discovering a new recipe or buying a trinket at a market could send her into a joyous frenzy. She really knew how to savor every day of her life!
Even in her final, bedridden days, the gravely ill actress used to say to her son: ’When I get better, we should go to Australia. It’s beautiful there!’
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