One thing you can never take away from sport is its ability to unite people. Yes, there is no denying the fact that it has also divided people as well. But only a true sports fan will understand and acknowledge a good game, a good run, a team’s effort and a player’s sacrifice on the field when he/she puts the team’s cause ahead of personal glory.
More often than not, we attribute a team’s success to one person, often forgetting how much others have contributed to the hard-earned win. Every player in the team is as important as the next, because if even one person does not perform his/her part on the field, everything can go wrong.

Nothing Means Anything, a video message by Saina Nehwal ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games talks about how every sportsperson has struggled, sacrificed, and worked hard for the position they are in today.

Their religion, their caste, their gender… nothing means anything in sports. The only thing that matters is that within the team, they have each other’s back, and that they are there to share each other’s wins and losses.

Watch this brilliant video here:

Source: Facebook/VoiceofRam
We wish all success to Team India at the upcoming Olympics!