Summer is here, and this means families can spend more time with their kids outdoors. It’s an excellent time to take your kids out for walks in parks and beaches. Many times, guardians tend to overlook the space they have in their backyard. Buying a cubby house for your kid and letting the child play with it is an ideal way to spend time with them at home without stepping out.

For a child, cubby houses can transform a boring backyard into an exciting place to indulge in various outdoor activities. In contrast, for parents, a cubby house allows them to spend time with their kids at home. The best part is that you do not have to worry about your child’s safety and convenience.

A cubby house acts as a catalyst, accelerating a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth from 1 to 5 years, impacting the rest of their life. In addition, a cubby house is a secure place where kids can exhibit creativity, mimic the world around them, converse with themselves, and whatnot. In the process, they develop skills, learn to imbibe values of empathy, care, and respect, and gain a sense of identity.

If you are a responsible parent concerned about your child’s growth and development, here’s why you must consider investing in a cubby house.

A cubby house keeps your child away from the screen.

Screentime is strongly discouraged for babies who are 18 to 24 months old. Not just that, for kids between the age of 2 to 5 years, screen time should be strictly limited to 1 hour a day. However, this does not mean your child’s enjoyment or recreation needs to be compromised.

On the contrary, a cubby house serves as a perfect alternative to phones and other gaming gadgets, ensuring that your child can still indulge in fun and entertainment while adhering to the recommended screen time limits.

Parents must ensure their kids get into the habit of playing outside instead of scrolling and enjoying social media all day, sitting at home. 

A cubby stimulates their senses.

To foster a child’s holistic development, it is crucial to stimulate their senses in various ways. Various games exist that demand kids to actively engage their senses, facilitating sensory development in the process.

For instance, board games like chess, building blocks, puzzles, etc., enhance a child’s cognitive abilities. On the other hand, some games improve a child’s language skills. For example, a cubby house allows and helps a child to engage all the senses simultaneously.

A cubby teaches independence.

Driven by our concern for our little ones, we often inadvertently become helicopter parents. The strong urge to protect them from hurting themselves or even making a mess restricts us from letting our kids play independently.

For parents constantly worried about their kid’s safety, a cubby house emerges as the perfect solution, offering a secure and supervised environment for kids to freely explore and play in the confines of their own backyard.

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A cubby challenges them.

When kids start to play with cubby houses, they face many obstacles. These challenges help them learn and develop skills on their own. Kids learn to explore, experiment, and find solutions to their obstacles.

Sometimes, seeing your little one dealing with minor challenges so tactfully might surprise you! As kids encounter challenges, they develop skills like decision-making, critical thinking, creativity, patience, etc.

A cubby is a blank canvas.

A cubby house can be built and decorated however your kid desires. It’s a blank canvas that allows your kid to give life to their wildest, craziest imaginations. It helps kids engage in imaginative play, fostering their creativity.

With some motivation and encouragement, you might even be surprised to see how brilliantly your kid transforms the cubby house.

A cubby is educational.

There’s no doubt that a cubby house helps kids to learn. We have already discussed how a cubby house demands kids to engage all their senses and immerse themselves in their imaginary world. With time, a cubby house allows kids to learn problem-solving skills, decision-making, critical thinking abilities, and whatnot.


By now, it’s clear that a cubby house is an investment worth every penny. Not only does your child enjoy endless hours of imaginative play with their friends, but they also learn and develop life skills. Besides, by playing with your kid, you can spend quality time with your little one. A cubby house thus functions as a key to bonding with one another and making memories to be cherished forever.

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