Frequent rapes of women are common knowledge but the rapes of men are swept under the carpet.
If we think about it, it’s because of the attached masculinity to every man and that he is not supposed to weep over something that he should’ve ‘accepted’. People consider men to be always ready to want it. The concept of Rapes against Men is lost on most and thus nobody addresses them. We give you 10 accounts by men who’ve suffered from the trauma of rape.


“16M and a family friend who was in his mid 30’s put a gun to my head and then proceeded to tell me what he wanted while we were on vacation. After all said and done and he fell asleep I broke into my mom’s room and snuck her out of the house while on the phone with PD. Swat raided our rental home and he was arrested. I was interrogated for over 36hrs no sleep allowed. End result was he plead guilty and was sentenced to 9yrs in prison and 12yrs sexual predator probation. He did 2yrs and like 5yrs probation. Currently he is registered in AZ, but technically he is missing. No one knows his whereabouts.

I did an AMA not to long ago on it, for those interested. Here it is!


“I was forced to give an older kid oral sex when I was eight. He was the son of one of my dads business partners and they came over for dinner a couple times. My mom told me not to say anything about it, the bitch.”


“My dad remarried and the stepmom’ family looked after us every now and then.

I was 11. There wasn’t a lot of bed space so my stepaunt slept in my bed. She was in her 40s.

The first time, she wanted to show me how “adults kiss”. Then later, how “adults can kiss other parts of the body”. It continued on for 3 years in the guise of her “teaching” me how to be a man and what adults do.

It was 3 years of sexual molestation and abuse. It was manipulation–plain and simple. It ruined my sexual appetite as an adult and how I viewed women.

It took me over 8 years to cope with it. I’m better now, but rape is real. Male victims are real. Female rapists are real.”


“I was 8 years old, he was much older (not sure how much as 8 y/o are not that good at judging age). He sodomized me over 60 times that summer. Fucked me up for life with all that went on. Fortunately he’s dead now. The idiot thought that bragging about raping kids would earn him rep while in prison for robbing a gas station.”


“I was drugged by a girl I knew in HS, her and her bf raped me while I was passed out, I don’t remember a lot of it.”


“From the time I was 7 until 11, I was raped by an older family friend. He and my mom were platonic friends at work and he would occasionally hang out with us. He had no family. I thought he was like a real big kid. Eventually, he started taking me out every Saturday to do fun stuff and that let to overnight trips at his house. The first weird thing was when he told me to take a bath. He casually walked in to show me a something in a magazine. He had a huge tub that was like a Jacuzzi. He would hop in with me in the nude and start touching me. Then he started taking showers with me. The first time he sodomized me was because I was not sucking his dick good enough. This went on until I was 11 and he stopped coming around probably because I was starting puberty. When I was 13, I had these bumps on my dick and that they were pimples. I finally got it checked out at 17 and found out he had given me herpes. I do not talk much about it because people either shame me (“You should have told someone and saved other kids!”) or accuse me (“You must of liked it for tolerating it for so long because there would be no way I would have let a man do that to me!”) or react in disgust.”


“When I was about 7 years old, my brother molested me, made me do oral sex on him, some stuff I didn’t wanna do, fucked me up bad, when I was 16 I told my mom and she laughed at me, called me a liar, that fucked me up more. I’m 22 can’t hold down a job, can’t keep a relationship, and suffer from depression. Brother has a job, wife, and a kid that’s not his. I constantly worry about the kid.”


“The night of my 22nd birthday i returned home plastered drunk, to discover the girl i’d been rejecting all semester sitting naked in my room. I told her she had to leave, she was clearly crazy. she sprung at me. She hit, scratched, bite, pinched, and clawed me, and then said “if you don’t fuck me right now, i leave here and report that you tried to rape me. Who will the police believe?”

She violated me and leveraged societal norms against me in order to violate me. I fell into a dark depression and developed a deep mistrust for anyone. I lost my social life, and feared interaction with anyone else, my grades dropped and i had a rough senior year. The police wouldn’t investigate and told me outright that “she probably just really likes you, don’t take it seriously.”

I was speaking 2-3 times per week at the time in schools across the state. Had she reported me i would have been guilty in the public eye and never been hired to be around kids again. An 18 year old blonde ruined 4 years of my life because the perception is that “i misunderstood the situation.”

EDIT: I just typed out a long response to a long and now deleted comment that basically said what most guys say “not to be insensitive, but I don’t understand how you could be raped, why not just cave in and enjoy the experience? You’re getting action, so what if you don’t really want it?” So I’m going to post my answer here because I think it’s important.

You don’t understand how you could be raped, because you haven’t been rapped. That’s not your fault. I didn’t either until the moment it was happening to me. It’s a shit time to learn a lesson like that. At this time in my life I was a bit of a big man on campus. I had cultivated a project that garnered me some major attention (some wanted some not). She had been rejected by me for 3.5 months. I had no attraction to her as she really gave off that “I’m fucking nuts” vibe.

She waited until the one night of the year where I let go and get real fucked up. She entered my apartment uninvited, got naked, and waited for me to return. The very first thing she did when I entered the room was to literally attacked me drawing blood, leaving bite marks, pinching and bruising me so that when I rejected her again she could threaten me with false rape charges.

I don’t know what you do with your life or what your situation is, but if you had ever spent 4 years building something completed rooted in helping kids and had a young woman use the purposeful destruction of your public image as a threat for not having sex with her, you’d start to understand.

The trauma involved in rape and sexual assault isn’t strictly rooted in physical nature, but instead demands most of it’s power through psychological and emotional control. She knew that if she ran into the police station on campus crying, with my flesh under her nails that they would investigate. They would come to my home and look at drunk me bruised, bite marks, claw marks, and my birthday they would arrest me on the site. A jury would look at her, look at me, look at “the evidence” and I would be in jail being raped all over right now.”


“Stayed over at a friends house after a night out. Woke up to him jacking me off. I said no multiple times. I left in shock. I plucked up the courage to tell my girlfriend at the time (now my ex) a few months later. She laughed and asked “were you hard?” I was shocked. If the same thing happened to her and I asked “were you wet?” I’d be labelled a monster. She ended up being mentally and physically abusive, along with cheating on me. Her excuse for this behaviour was that she was cheated on in the past and she was always hostile whenever I had female friends. I’m okay now that I’m rid of her.”


“Brother is 8 years older than me, I’m 17 now. Between the ages of 6 to 8, maybe more or less, my brother raped me. Again, I was young so memory is fuzzy, but I remember plenty, especially some humiliating things that happened.

I deleted my reddit main account I had had for a long time writing stories and such, it was called “Sodelo”. I deleted it because my parents finally found out about 3 months ago, and I panicked and didn’t want anyone else to know, it was stupid and I lost a great account and 3 gold over it.

Anyways, the main event. My brother repeatedly raped me over the years, in the yard, living room, his room, my room, parents upstairs with a hand over my mouth. I never said anything, I looked up to him and seemed to love him.

One time he pissed in my mouth.

That’s the first time I’ve even written that.

Rape is common. Sexual assault on 1/3 of women and 1/7 of men. And it’s most often someone close to the victim, that’s why stranger danger is such bs.”