As someone who essentially lives on the Web, I cherish the damn thing. Can’t envision an existence without it any longer. Be that as it may, it’s a goose that lays brilliant eggs, while abandoning extremely stinky crap. As in, it brings a universe of assets and data readily available, yet at the expense of experiencing trolls, web based tormenting, different publicity masked as original news and obviously, mind-numbingly idiotic online difficulties.

Fundamentally, a free play area for anybody with even essential information of how the web attempts to let loose, without offering an explanation to authority.
What’s more, some such “virtuoso” with an excessive amount of time on his/her hands chose to give Ranveer Singh’s career, the tag of a ‘Chutiya Actor’.

That’s right, the actor who overwhelmed us with his amazing performces like “Bajirao Mastani”, “Padmaavat”, “Ram Leela”, “Lootera” and substantially more is apparently a “Chutiya Actor” according to Google.

Sure, he’s uniquely different in his own kinda way..


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Doesn’t give a flying shit about what the world thinks..


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And completely in love with himself..

But his flamboyant nature is what gave him impeccable roles like Sultan Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’ and the great Bajirao in ‘Bajirao Mastani’.


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Sultan Alauddin Khilji 👑 The link to the making of the very sensuous ‘Binte Dil’ is in my bio-check it out!

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So, pardon me in case I’m wrong Google, but no, Ranveer Singh doesn’t deserve to be the principal name to fly up while hunting down “chutiya actor”.
The issue here appears to lie in an IMDb listicle that has named 10 artists in their “illuminating” rundown of “Top 10 chutiya in Bollywood”. Alternate names in the list incorporate KRK, Smash Gopal Varma, Shirish Kunder, Arjun Kapoor, Bright Leone, Poonam Pandey, Mallika Sherawat, Himesh Reshammiya and the “ubiquitous” Radhika Apte.

Let’s see what twitter has to say about this.

Thankfully, owing to Ranveer Singh’s humour and knowing how he handles things like these, he might actually take it as a joke.
What did he do to deserve this, Google?