Everyone know Kerala is going through a massive crisis after being struck by a flood that’s the first of its kind in the last 100 years. Many people have lost their belongings and houses and many others have passed away.

The Khalsa Aid group have taken it to the flood-stricken state to help these distraught souls, the Khalsa group has rescued, helped, offered food and shelter to people across the globe. Be it the Paris attack or the never-ending atrocities in Syria – Khalsa was there
This time, Randeep Hooda – a regular with the group – accompanied them to Kerala and left the internet beaming with joy. Instead of tweeting a bunch of sympathetic tweets, Hooda travelled all the way to Kerala to assist the group and people in need.

Here are the Tweets

He took his Twitter account to share the post

This act has left all his fans happy and really proud of him, So So proud of you Randeep