On average, victims of domestic abuse live with the violence for over two years before seeking help. Like a dance routine, the cycle repeats itself everyday.

To raise awareness about domestic violence and reach out to victims, Victim Support and the National Centre for Domestic Violence commissioned a public service advertisement in the form of modern dance.

Displaying the push and pull each victim feels from being abused by someone they love, the story is dramatically played out in haunting choreography to an original composition by Ellie Goulding.

Watch the powerful advertisement below, which urges the public to help break the routine.

On average, high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for over two years before getting specialist help. 1.9 million people experienced domestic abuse last year and almost two people a week were killed by their current or former partner.

This video powerfully demonstrates that there is a way out and encourages victims, or those that suspect they might know someone in an abusive relationship, to #breaktheroutine

Created by J. Walter Thompson London and Biscuit Filmworks Los Angeles for Victim Support and the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV).






[via Fastco Create]