Camping is not everyone’s cup of tea, but is not a big task as people think. No, you’re not gonna get eaten by bear. It is one hell of experience and here are reasons why you should get rid of those fears now and get out

Reason of camping

1. It takes you away from the hectic city life.

It takes you away from the hectic city life


It brings you close to the nature. It gives you a chance to shut your smartphones and laptop and just sit back and relax.

2. Camping is affordable.

Camping is affordable

When it comes to a budgeted trip, go camping.

3. Sunset and sunrise

Sunset and sunrise1


You get to see the beauty of dawn and dusk, which I am pretty sure you don’t get to notice in city.

4. The stars

The stars1


Aaahh!! Stars are visible in full sight and the sight doesn’t get old. Lie down under the stars is a must have experience.

5. Campfires



The smell of the campfire is just out of the world.

6. Adventure



Trekking, sound of the animal roars coming from god knows from where, climbing, etc. Soo much we can experience.

7. Fresh air

Fresh air


Away from the pollution, freshness in air, good breathe.

8. You’ll discover yourself

Youll discover yourself


It’s so peaceful that you get to think and spend time with yourself.

9. Spend quality time

Spend quality time


Going with friends or family, away from all the disturbance you get to spend quality time with them.

10. Cooking fun

Cooking fun5


Never entered your kitchen? Don’t worry you don’t have to enter now also. Cook outside. Amazing feeling it gives.

11. Flexibility



Unless you are loaded with money and can just fly around anywhere, camping it’s best for you.

12. Chance to be unplugged

Chance to be unplugged


Away from Internet. Away from work. Away from noises. Close to nature.
Much needed break.

13. Chance to meet new people

Chance to meet new people


People from everywhere come camping, you get to meet them. Make new friends. Explore!

14. Gazing at wildlife

Gazing at wildlife


I can’t promise but you might get to see beautiful species if you stay quiet.