As the #MeToo movement is taking over the the entertainment industry, many big names have been slammed on social media. Yesterday, in a twitter post comedian Kaneez Surka shared a story about an incident that happened 2 years ago. The Improv queen Kaneez Surka accused fellow comedian Aditi Mittal of ‘violating her consent’ by forcibly kissing her during a gig, back in 2016.
In her post she wrote that during a show in 2016, Aditi Mittal walked up to her in public and kissed her right on the mouth. She writes an elaborate post about how Aditi ‘put her tougue in her mouth’ without her consent. Even though Aditi apologised to her at the time, Kannez felt that she has turned hostile towards her. Kaneez Surka then demanded a public apology from Aditi Mittal for violating her consent.

As Kaneez demanded a public apology from fellow comedian Aditi, Aditi did so in her recent tweet last night and also mentioned how she made an apology to Kaneez at the time and they cleared things out. Aditi also says that she was not turning hostile towards Kaneez but just allowing her some personal space.

After sharing her side of the story and having explained herself, Aditi, at the end of her post wrote, “Kaneez, I am Sorry.”
Below are the comments that followed:

Let’s see how Kaneez Surka reacts to this apology. After all, we’d all love to see these two comedians back on stage together, won’t we?