At the time of admission in colleges (mostly private colleges), one thing is very common and popular i.e. Management quota. Not affordable, even beyond imagination ‘extravagant amount’ is charge by institutions for every paid seat which every time break dreams of that every deserving candidate who is standing outside with lack of money but with extreme talent and intelligence. In this article we will understand this topic through below mentioned video.


A management quota is a special seat set aside for students who didn’t meet the usual criteria. Once a student gets admitted there is no difference in the students who have come through Management and those who have come through merit. In India, various companies use web series, podcasts, posters, etc., to talk about this. One such company is All India Backhod. Watch the video below to learn more about the truth behind management quota.


  • Direct Admission
  • Access to all the resources
  • Flexibility in admission process
  • Reduced stress
  • Social Equity
  • Low Fees


  • It can be used by less deserving student
  • It allows admissions based on factors other than academic performance.
  • Diminished Quality
  • Sometimes lead to favoritism
  • High exam pressure


To conclude as every coin has 2 side, same way this term also has positive or negatives. Although the management quota in education can make things more diverse it also brings up some problems mentioned above. It’s really important to find a good balance between giving chances to groups that aren’t often represented and making sure the admission process is fair.

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