With overwhelming hearts we read that our cherished Maggi will be detracted from us. We couldn’t accept what they let us know, yet we came to accept it.

And after that came the supplimentaries. The wannabes and the copies endeavored their earnest attempts to win our heart, however nothing had that Maggi wala taste. Apathetically we picked those shams from the racks, just to disregard them when the Maggi desiring began.

And after that Maggi made a rebound! While it was making a rebound, the shams had set fascinating arrangements to take its place. How, you inquire? This short film by The Three Dots share the mysteries of the noodle world with us.

Every story has another side too. Maggi’s returns and it has created a stir amidst the happy noodle world in the absence of Maggi. They are left helpless and devastated. What will now happen to them? Will this Diwali be their Aakhiri Diwali or will there be someone to save them? Find out in this video.

Look at it!