When it comes to matrimonial ads, we often see men wanting tall thin ‘educated’ girl, who are ready to bid goodbye to their independence and career goals. Another rampant demand is a virgin girl, whose purity factor is more than the Dabur Ghee.

Well, addressing this deep-rooted problem, Rajesh Rajamani came up with a series of posters on his Fecabook page, Inedible India. The series is called ‘Tinder for Desi Men‘ and it makes fun of ugly and deep-grained stereotypes we face in the Indian society; thus helping men to find the ‘suitable’ (Mom and Sharma uncle approved) girl for themselves.

Let’s have a look:

1. Because, first, Mommy’s approval is necessary.


2. A virgin finder is the ultimate tool and feeds fodder to my ego level.


3. Speaking of which, feminists and independent women…no, no!


4. Just in case you do get a match…


5. …have the same old converstion.


Happy tinder-ing guys!

Swipe right or right!