In July this year, American video-streaming giant Netflix reported that it would purchase the rights to air the second season of their web series, Little Things. The show is being produced by Dice Media, the web series arm of the trio’s five-year-old digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces.

Released last September, Little Things is a slice-of-life web show. The first season, which disclosed on YouTube, included five 15-minute scenes about the “little things” in the relationship of a youthful urban couple. It evoked a positive response especially among young Indians who saw themselves in the relationship between Kavya and Dhruv.

Presently, Little Things, a Dice Media production, has another home. This procurement denotes the kickoff of Netflix’ association with Pocket Aces, the organization behind Dice Media. Pocket Aces will also produce a comedy series for the streaming service.

The show, which came four years after the founding of Pocket Aces, went on to become the firm’s first viral hit, gathering over 32 million views and still running. On Oct. 05, it is set to return with eight 30-minute episodes as a Netflix Original Series.

Here’s the Official Trailer of Little Things Season 2 –