Online Teen Patti and licensed offshore casinos are a winning combination for both pros and rookies looking for safer, reliable and rewarding wagering options. Read on to know why.  

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Online Teen Patti means different things to different people. For some, it’s a way to beat stress and enjoy a thrilling experience. For others, it’s an opportunity to earn some serious money, easily and quickly. Regardless of which category you fall in, you’ll require skills, game awareness, lots of luck, and a licensed offshore online casino to drive home the online Teen Patti advantage. 

Offshore casinos operate from a country other than your own, and hence, the name. They are just like the regular online casinos for the most part, but their legal status and a host of other features make them existentially important for enjoying online gambling for real money

Let’s elaborate on a few compelling benefits of playing Teen Patti at an offshore online casino. 

Ending up on the wrong side of the law would be the last thing on your mind. However, the risk is real, as the Indian gambling laws can hold you liable for a sentence and fine if you play at an illicit online casino. Note that Indian gambling laws do not recognize online casinos based out of India. Simply put, India-based online casinos are illegal and playing in them is illegal too. 

That’s where offshore online casinos step in, helping you pursue Teen Patti legally. Black sheep are always there, but most offshore casinos have proper licenses from any of the top 8 gaming jurisdictions. These licenses establish the licensees’ credentials to operate legally in their own country and service players in offshore locations where strict gambling regulations apply.   

As the offshore casinos operate from a foreign location, they are immune to the Indian anti-gambling regulations. That, by default, makes them legal in India. However, not all offshore casinos are licensed. So, looking for licensing related information on their website makes sense. If it’s there, they can be relied upon. If it’s missing, take it as a red flag and move on.  

They are fair

Imagine playing at a fly-by-night operator, where you might have to deal with rigged software. No matter how well you play, you’ll always end up losing with software that gives the house an unfair edge. Plus, your deposits and winnings are at risk, and your user experience is severely compromised due to poor graphics and inferior on-site security protocols. 

The licensed offshore casinos, on the other hand, are committed to delivering a fair, seamless and secure Teen Patti experience. The gaming jurisdictions inspect the casinos’ software for on-site security, graphics and user experience before licensing them. Getting the RNG audited by an independent authority is a requisite for a license, and so are proper withdrawal methods.   

They offer better perks

One major factor leading to the surge of online gambling is the host of perks that online casinos offer to lure players. Known as bonuses, these perks come in all shapes and sizes. Upon making a deposit, expect a welcome bonus or deposit match bonus to help you save big. If you stick to an online casino for a while, a loyalty bonus is available to keep you coming back for more. 

Regular and offshore casinos offer bonuses though, the quality of bonuses and the applicable requirements vary. Offline casinos are financially stronger than the regular ones, thanks to their wider client base. They are, thus, better placed to offer better value bonuses and honour them. Their wagering requirements are simpler, giving you a realistic chance to redeem bonuses.    

They offer better returns

The casino takes a cut on your winnings. They call it the house edge. The payout you receive minus the house edge is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. The gaming jurisdiction requires the licensees to offer a better RTP percentage, usually between 92 to 95%. The regular casinos, on the other hand, are not bound by any such onerous requirements. So, rest assured of more profits when playing Teen Patti at offshore casinos. 

They offer safer banking

The jurisdictions also mandate the licensees to maintain a safe and secure banking suit. Right from deposits to withdrawals, every transaction is easy, quick, secure, and transparent with a licensed offshore casino. You can make deposits in your currency and expect multiple withdrawal methods for more flexibility. The regular casinos might fail you here as well.