The Bollywood actor recently gave an interview to BBC on the issue of sexual offense and of energy mishandle in the Hindi film industry and how it is an extremely basic issue, however one that is once in a while discussed.

She chatted on different issues running from why actors artists don’t talk up about their abuse to the consistent segregation that newcomers confront.

#1. People don’t listen to you if you are a nobody. If you are a celebrity and you talk about it, it just becomes a shocking headline. It is a very difficult step to take because it’s their career on the line.

#2. You are dealing with hundreds of people who are throwing their opinions at you. And it can really shake a person emotionally.

#3. I know several girls who are newcomers in Bollywood – struggling, going for auditions, who are constantly being discriminated because of the way they look.

#4. Having phone calls at two in the morning from your casting director. There are things like that which no one is reporting, and nobody is researching because there is no famous person to headline it.

#5. Men have been pretty clueless about the fect that almost every women has been harassed in some way or the other.

#6. We are just so numb to it (abuse). If you get brushed in the bus, we just don’t even think about it.

#7. I have found that as soon as I speak about my experiences, it becomes a big headline. So I have chosen to steer away from that because it’s too much pressure on me emotionally.

#8. I have daily battles that I am facing. For example, why am I having to wear this outfit? Does it really have anything to do with the plot? Is the scene there for titillating reasons.

#9. It is really important to have a support group It can be online, a therapist, family or friends. Both men and women need to be having a dialogue with each other, not against each other.

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