Among everything else, two things that anybody growing up in the 90s would instantly relate to are Jackie Chan with all his comical yet flawless martial arts moves and Daler Mehndi’s music. Now, you may think why would someone try to connect the two otherwise totally unrelated phenomena and put them together in one post!
It’s because we stumbled upon something that just made our day and we’re sure it’s gonna make yours as well. Check this video out, posted by Rumani Arora, a rare, rare gem where Jackie Chan is actually slaying the Bhangra to the beats of Daler Mehndi’s Tunak Tunak Tun! Now, although it seems like Sonu Sood was teaching Mr. Miyagi a thing or two about Bollywood dance but it ended up with Sonu Sood following the steps of the legend himself.

Aren’t the Bollywood guys glad that Jackie Chan’s not a competition!