It’s no mystery that Indians are pretty clueless about the birds and the bees. Not only as kids but even grown-ups who are several years into puberty scratch their heads when it comes to sex.
Sex and everything related to sexual anatomy has been a taboo in this country for too long, and the dismal state of sex education does nothing to make it any better.

But Y-Films is here to save the day. With their newest web series suggestively titled Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, Y-Films plans to educate children and adults alike about a natural human process, while commenting on the stigma around it. Peppered with copious amounts of humour and satire, here’s the trailer of the series our country really needs.

Contrary to our so-called sanskaari beliefs, children need to learn about sex, masturbation, menstruation, consent, and puberty early in their lives. Here’s hoping that this series gives the much-needed information, disguised as entertainment, the coming generations as well as the past ones desperately need.