An loving person can’t relinquish you! in the event that they understand that their relationship with you doesn’t bring them satisfaction and joy any longer.

'It's not genuine that a loving person can't to live you...'

’It is not true that a loving person cannot abandon you! They can. Believe me! They will do it, sooner or later, if they realise that their relationship with you doesn’t bring them joy and happiness anymore. If they sacrifice a great deal in order to be by your side, but get nothing in return, you will of course disappoint them. That is to say, you — the person they raised up on to a pedestal — didn’t give that person the hand which they deserved to raise them on to the pedestal next to you…and it’s only thanks to them that you are on yours.
He will realise that you don’t have to give them anything in return, you don’t have to raise them up to the level they thought they deserved. They will realise that you are not obliged to risk and sacrifice even the smallest thing for them, and in turn this relationship becomes unbearable…They will leave you when they realise that they mean less to you than you mean to them…The chances are they won’t tell you anything, they won’t complain about anything you’ve done or do, you won’t even suspect that anything is wrong… For the very act of having to ask for love or understanding is foolish and absurd…They will leave quietly, suddenly without a word. But the worst thing is that such people never return.’
Oscar Wilde