On a mild Mumbai evening toward the beginning of April, Rituparna Sarkar was perusing a book by Meik Wiking titled Hygge when she experienced the word Tokka – Finnish for a truly extensive swarm of reindeers – which is untranslatable in different dialects basically in light of the fact that it isn’t pertinent. A snappy Google seek yielded other such oddities like Lebensmude, which means “tired of life” in German, and it struck her that each dialect has words that are one of a kind to the way of life of a nation.

A considerable measure of us may have understood this some time recently, however for her situation, this moment of clarity harmonized with the begin of #The100DayProject – a worldwide workmanship extend where members focus on a topic and transfer their unique work each day, for a 100 days, on Instagram. So she joined to chase down and outline words we utilize day by day that have no identical somewhere else, for example, the Bambaiya expression Kali Peeli, and possibly rediscover old antiquated English words like Groke that are too great to ever be overlooked.

Each night, Ritu begins by narrowing down the word of the day, carefully outlining the fine art by hand utilizing watercolors in her little A5 sketchbook and afterward clicking a photo to transfer – a procedure that can take 5 hours now and then! Despite the fact that she acquires a living planning on a PC, she abstains from doing computerized outlines for this venture, except for Tsundoko – a Japanese thing for the demonstration of continually purchasing new books that we don’t generally read, yet add to the developing heap in our home – in light of the fact that she needed to include fine points of interest of each book spines which she wouldn’t have possessed the capacity to do equity to on paper.

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On Day 29 of the venture, while she was attempting to disentangle Kaffir Lime, we asked her for what reason she got herself into this, considering she has a requesting day work as prime supporter of the Bombay Design House.

“At first, it was on account of all the mail pushing and insane due dates were getting to me. I began wanting to return to a clear page and cleaning my drawing aptitudes, which were getting sort of corroded. So joining the #The100DayProject appeared like a smart thought.”

In the time of Emojis, GIFs and truncated sentences, it can’t be simple focusing on single word, yet she has a considerable measure of energetic beavers helping her “crowdsource”. Other than her own particular database, which has developed well more than 100 words, Ritu now gets recommendations from companions and different specialists and artists on Instagram. Notwithstanding the inception, it’s truly about the visual, and what she has a craving for outlining that day. Since she claims to love idiosyncratic things when all is said in done, she tries to delineate the word humourously with an extra layer, and genuine encounters dependably radiate through. So the previously mentioned Kali Peeli discovered its way into the venture in light of the fact that following a night of drinking, her Uber driver scratched off on her and she needed to take the normal Mumbai taxicab in a hummed state. That night, despite the fact that she was depleted, she couldn’t go to rest till she spent two or three hours coaxing it out. Truth be told, if the visual isn’t shouting to her, she won’t proceed and there have been times when she’s rejected a delineation totally and revamped it

The genuine reward is the passionate association her work is making with individuals from over the globe. “After I set up my translation of the Swedish word Fika, basically a recess over some light snacks, a Swedish Illustrator remarked about her “having a Fika at any rate once per day” and I revealed to her we Indians do likewise and it’s known as a ‘Chai Break’. These little social trades, here and there with outsiders, make the venture more charming!”

While this started as an enthusiasm extend, we hear many people have been persuading Ritu to offer these prints or perhaps distribute an end table book. On her part, the planner guarantees her greatest achievement would be on the off chance that she can simply complete the 100 days without passing up a major opportunity for a solitary day.