Marriage is the most wonderful type of camaraderie there can ever be. Restricting two individuals in a union forever, it is a promise one makes to love, care and remain by their accomplice even in the most fiercest of times. Yet, in the monotonous routine of life, we, on occasion neglect to recognize and value the estimation of the lady of the house. The person who makes it a home!

A spouse, a mother, a little girl in-law, she lives many lives in a lifetime and I question there is anything on the planet that can reimburse the multitudinous penances she makes to keep the family together. In any case, there surely is one thing that inches nearer in bringing that wide, brilliant grin all over. A jewel, for the precious stone herself.

What’s more, this advertisement, by Ek Heera Aapke Heere Ke Liye says a lot of a similar estimation that will resound in your brains; likewise in your souls till you perceive her for her identity, a jewel. So all the loyal spouses out there, don’t hold up one more day to state the amount you cherish her. Ek heera, apke heere ke liye! Since she is justified, despite all the trouble.

What is life without the woman who makes it worth living? The one who adds a touch of magic to every moment and add a sparkle to everyday. She is the light of your life. Show her how much she means to you. Gift her a diamond.