Our lives quite revolve around the Wi-Fi nowadays. And by Wi-Fi we don’t just mean Wireless Fidelity, but also the WIFE FIGHTING! So whether your Wi-Fi is down or your wife is fighting with you, life pretty much comes to a standstill as do the senses like talking, thinking, hearing etc.

Has this ever happened with you?
Watch what happened with Ashwin when his WIFE, Shalini, started FIGHTING with him.. yet again!
Not saying that a cheerful couple is a myth yet upbeat couple where both have the equivalent say is certain a major falsehood! All men out there, who are bound in the sacred obligation of marriage would concur that talking your brain under your own particular rooftop is something that you have surrendered long time prior!
In case you’re one such hapless individual who can just talk his brain at the loo and no place else, this video by Shitty Ideas Trending is something that you would immediately identify with!