Watch Saina in a never seen before hard-hitting performance to win over those who did not believe in her!

In life, there are many moments that challenge our limits and push us to achieve more. The choice is either to rise up to the challenge and face the inevitable heat, dirt and hurt or hold back for the fear of failing. Savlon inspires you to take that challenge #Savlon #PerformancePower

How often has your vocation decision been addressed by your neighbor, relative, companions, even your folks? How frequently have friends and family scrutinized your capacity to succeed in your picked field since it wasn’t standard? Close relatives who wonder what craftsmen truly do, or companions who think you don’t work since you’re an artist or guardians who call the online stage you work for an ‘online magazine’.

With this new promotion by Savlon, Saina Nehwal crushes (actually) every one of the individuals who advised her she wouldn’t have the capacity to wind up a badminton player, and with that, drives home an imperative point we as a whole need to recall – demoralizing a kid to take after their fantasy would hurt them more than any wound or cut.