Every time you hear this particular score, you know something intensely mysterious is coming your way and there’s only but one guy who can get to the bottom of this – Sherlock Holmes. If you’re in love with the British-American crime drama, you’d be more than familiar with the theme song that marks the beginning of every thrilling stories written by the legendary Arthur Conan Doyle.
However, what you haven’t heard is the Indian version of this very scintillating track that is as fascinating as the original one. Check this video out uploaded by Mahesh Raghvan where he puts in very ethnic twist to the famous Sherlock theme song that will almost make you think the great Holmes is actually walking down the streets in your city! Also, if you want to check out his very own Indian version of the Game of Thrones theme song, we have got that too!

This might just spark up a lot of inspirations for an Indian Sherlock!